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Mar 3, 2013 10:30am EST
this month by the cbo indicate that, under current law, the federal deficit will narrow from seven percent of gdp last year to two and a half percent in 2015. the federal head by the public, including that held by the federal reserve, is projected to remain roughly 75% of gdp through much of the current decade. however, a substantial portion of the recent progress in lowering the deficit has been concentrated in the near-term budget she says -- budget changes. the cbo estimates that a deficit reduction policy will slow the pace of real gdp growth by about 1.5 or signage points this year. -- 1.5 percentage points this year. the sequestration will and she viewed two 6/10 of a percentage point on the economic drag this year. this additional near-term burden on the recovery is significant. moreover, besides having adverse effects on jobs and income skies lower recovery would lead less actual deficit reduction in the short run. at the same time, despite progress in reducing near-term budget deficits, the difficult process of determining longer problems has only begun. the cbo projects that the
Mar 3, 2013 2:25am EST
it at the time -- did not have a good enforcement mechanism. the laws that were put on the books were not enforced. we have a much greater problem today. the-verify it is not the entire solution, but it is a critical part about the enforcement solution making it easier for employers to be able to know whether the person presenting their credentials for a job are indeed the person they say they are and have the authorization they are going to have. we will see a demonstration of it today. let's get on with the opportunity to do that. i will put the rest of my statement in the record. >> i will introduce you. then we will have a demonstration of e-verify. then we will recognize you for your opening statements. i will apologize in advance for pronunciations that are a function of my inability to phonetically do things very well -- ms. soreya corea. is that close? she currently serves as a sissy director for the u.s. cities -- citizenship and immigration services. she is responsible for delivering identity immigration status and employment authorization information. she also oversees the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2